Trips & Travel & "Travel Letters"

Educational travel is an important part of the OLLI membership experience. OLLI members from across the country are invited to participate in these upcoming learning vacations.

If you are an OLLI and have a trip you would like listed here please see Information for OLLI submissions (pdf)

  • OLLI at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
    Birthplace of Alaska’s 1964 Earthquake: Prince William Sound, June 8 - 15, 2014
    50 years ago this March, the largest magnitude earthquake recorded in North America (9.2), second-largest worldwide, occurred in Alaska. The 1964 Alaska "Good Friday" earthquake ushered in a paradigm shift in earth science, convincing most earth scientists that plate tectonic theory best explains the dynamic behavior of Earth's crust.
    OLLI at University of Alaska Fairbanks invites members of other OLLIs to join a once-in-a-lifetime cruise of Prince William Sound to visit the birthplace of the great earthquake. Cost is $3180 per person.
    To register, call UAF-OLLI at 907-474-6607.

  • OLLI at the University of Nebraska Lincoln
    National Park Tour - September 15-25, 2014
    This tour begins in Bozeman, Montana on September 15. We will be flying to Bozeman from Omaha and then transferring to a motor coach for the tour. It ends in Las Vegas and our group will be flying home September 25.

Travel Letters

Kali Lightfoot, Executive Director of the National Resource Center has initiated a new project titled 'Travel Letters' in partnership with the Road Scholar network. These letters provide new travel ideas and best practices for OLLIs offering travel programs.

Travel Letter 1: Creating, Offering and Operating an OLLI-Based Travel Program