Conference Workshops and Papers

This section of the National Resource Center document archives displays information gathered from past OLLI conferences. You will be able to find some great handouts and PowerPoints here.

The document archives hold Conference information from our 2008, 2009 and 2011 and 2012 conferences. We have recently added the 2014 Virtual Resource Table and will upload handouts and PowerPoints from the 2014 OLLI National Conference in after the conference.

(If you are wondering why there was not a conference in 2010 it is due to the fact that we switched over to holding our national conference every 18 months instead of every 12 months.)

2014 Virtual Resource Table

2012 Virtual Resource Table

2011 Virtual Resource Table

When the OLLI National Conference approaches we invite OLLIs to send in any items that they would like to share with the network. These materials are placed on our Virtual Resource Table web pages where they will remain available for public reference long after the conference has ended.