OLLI National Conference 2014: Virtual Resource Table

The Virtual Resource Table is designed to showcase catalogs and documents from Institutes
across the OLLI network.



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Flyers & Postcards

Alabama: Spring Ad, SEC Football Ad
Aquinas: Jan'14 Sampler
Bradley: 20thAnniversary, Challenge
Brandeis: Just Brandeis Seminars
Cincinnati: Event Invitations
Iowa State: Gift Certificate Promo
Montana: Fall'13-Ad, Win'14-Ad, Spr'14-A, Montana Missoula Symphony Ad, Summer Adventures Granparents & Grandkids
Pacific: Fall'13,Sum'13, Spr'14
Saginaw Valley: Social Technology Conference, Yellowstone Trip
San Francisco State: Purple Ad and
Posters: Blue, Gold, Purple, Red
RIT: Pittsford Theatre Ad
Southern Oregon: Posters:History of the Teapot, Stand Up Straight
UC Riverside: Girls Rising (pdf), Girls Rising (web). PreOscar (1), PreOscar (2)
UNC Asheville: 2014 e-brochure
West Virginia: Rosie Project
Widener: Speaker Series:Fall'13, Spr'14, Open House, Fundraising Campaign

Aquinas: Win'14
Georgia: Mar'14
Illinois: Jan'14 eNews
Iowa State: March '14
Louisiana State: Lagniappe Edition 2014
Minnesota: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Montana: Newsletter 1
Oklahoma State: Spr'14
Pacific: Aug'12,Dec'12,Apr'13, Aug'13, Dec'13
UC Davis: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
UC Santa Cruz: Jan-Feb'14
Nevada Las Vegas:Spr'13, Fall'13
Nevada Reno: Feb'14
North Dakota: Jul'13, Dec'13

Alabama: Special Event Flyer, Vestavia Oct/Nov'13
Alabama Huntsville: Discovering Alabama Flyer
Alaska Fairbanks: Info & Ice Cream Social
Auburn: Summer'13 Flyer,
Berkeley: Summer'14 Postcard
Brandeis: New Testament Seminar Flyer
CSU East Bay: Trifold
CSU Long Beach: Spr'14
Granite State: Outlook
John Hopkins: Trifold Brochure
Louisiana State: March Event
Miami: Ethics Flyer, Great Poetry, Trifold Flyer
Michigan: Lecture Series: 1.The Arab Nations / 2: A Future for Michigan / 3.Laugh or Cry It's Politics / 4.Energy, Environment, Water.
Pacific: Spr'13, Sum'13, Fall'13, Spr'14
Penn State: Intersession: Fall'13,Win'14, Spr'14
RIT: "For All The Excitement Ahead"
San Diego State: Fall'13, Spr'14, Special Event
Southern Oregon: General Brochure
UC Riverside: Money Matters Spr'14
UNC Asheville:Leadership Asheville Seniors Brochure, Mar'14 Brochure, 2014 Brochure

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Catalogs & Brochures


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Management Documents


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Other Goodies


Alabama: Spr'14
Alabama Huntsville: Spr'14
Alaska Fairbanks: Fall'13, Spr'13
American: Spr'14
Aquinas: Fall'13(1), Fall'13(2), Spr'14
Arizona State: Fall'13, Spr'14
Arkansas: Spr'14
Auburn: Sum'13, Fall'13, Win14, Spr'14
Berkeley: Spr'14
Boise: Sum-Fall'13, Win-Spr'14
Bradley: Sum'13,Fall'13, Spr'14
CSU Dominguez Hills: Spr'14
CSU East Bay: Win'14, Spr'14
CSU Fresno: Fall'13, Spr'14
CSU Monterey Bay: Spr'14
CSU San Bernardino: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr/Sum'14
CSU San Marcos: Spr14, Sum'14
Carnegie Mellon: Sum'14
Cincinnati: Spr'14
Colorado State: Fall'13, Spr'14a, Spr"14b
Dartmouth (ILEAD): Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Dayton: Spr'14
Delaware: (Dover) Spr'14,(Lewes)Spr'14, (Wilmington) Spr'14
Denver: Spr'14,(South)Spr14, (West)Spr'14
Duke: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
FIU: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr-Sum'14
George Mason: Win'14, Spr'14
Georgia: Jan-June'14
Granite State: Spr'14
John Hopkins: Montgomery County, Baltimore/Columbia Spr'14
Illinois: Spr'14
Iowa State: Spr'14
Kansas:(Manhattan) Fall'13, Sum'13, (NE) Spr14, (SoCentral) Fall'13, Sum'13,Spr'14
Louisiana State: Spr'14
Miami: Fall'13, Spr'14
Michigan: Fall'13, Win'14
Mississippi: Fall'13, Spr'14
Montana: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Nevada Las Vegas: Sum'13,Fall'13, Spr'14
Nevada Reno: Fall'13, Spr'14
New Mexico: Spr'13, Fall'13, Spr'14, Sum'14
North Carolina State: Sum'14
North Dakota: Sum'13, Fall'13, Win'14
North Florida: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Northwestern: Fall'13
Oklahoma State: Fall'13, Spr'14
Pacific: Spr'13, Sum'13, Fall'13, Spr'14
Penn State: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Pittsburgh: Spr'14
Richmond: Spr'14
RIT: Spr'14
Saginaw Valley: Win'14, SprSum'14
San Diego State: Spr'13, Sum'13, Fall'13, Spr'14
Santa Clara: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
Sierra College: Fall'14
Sonoma: Spr'14
Southern Maine: Fall'13,Win'14,Spr'14,
SAGE Fall'13, SAGE Spr'14
Tufts: Spr'13, Sum'13
UCONN: Spr'14
UC Irvine:Spr'14
UC Riverside: Fall'13, Win'14, Spr'14
UNC Asheville:Spr'14
UMASS: Fall'13, Spr'14
Utah: Spr'14
Vanderbilt:Fall'13,Win'14, Spr'14
Vermont: Fall'13, Spr'14
Washington: Win'13
West Virginia: Spr'14
Widener: Fall'13,Sum'14, Spr'14
Wisconsin Milwaukee: Spr'14
Yavapai: Spr'14

Alabama: Multi Purpose Poster
Auburn: Membership Survey June 13
Berkeley: Annual Report 2012-13
Brandeis: Annual Report 2012-13, Charter
Denver: 2020 Report
Duke: Member Survey 2014, Instructor News
Iowa State: Mission Statement
Miami: Teacher Handbook, Instructor Evaluation Form,
Montana: Instructor Course Proposal Form, Faculty Handbook
Southern Oregon: Code of Conduct,
Membership Form

UNC Asheville: Strategic Plan
Washington: Weekly Email Blast


Arizona State: Press Mar'14, (Abundant Aging Event) Announcement, News Coverage
Brandeis: Journal
Cincinnati: Creative Voices 2013, Friends Campaign 2014
Granite State: New Members Brochure,
Goodies! (photo)
John Hopkins: Fall/Winter Journal'13
Illinois: Bookshelf Nov 2013
Miami: HappyOLLI Day: Tix, Invite, Potluck, Week at a Glance Spr'14
Southern Oregon: Why OLLI Matters,
Legacy Fund Brochure
UCONN: Annual Review 2013
UC Santa Cruz: Special Interest Groups
Texas Austin: Excellence Funds
UMASS: I Love OLLI Buttons
UNC Asheville: 25th Anniversary (Photo)
UNF: Bookmark



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