OLLI Authors: Poetry

David Allan Evans -
This Water. These Rocks

Published: 2009
Publisher: San Francisco Bay Press
Available for Purchase from: San Francisco Bay Press, Amazon
Genre: Poetry
Author's Note: I've been a professor for 40 years, recently retired. I am the poet laureate of South Dakota, have published eight collections of poems.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Instructor)

Patrick Hicks -
Finding the Gossamer

Published: 2008
Publisher: Salmon Poetry Press, Ireland
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Poetry, Ireland, Travel
Website: http://www.patrickhicks.info
Written: After living in Northern Ireland for several years
Author's Note: I teach classes on creative writing, publishing, and travel to Ireland/UK/Europe
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Instructor)

Dorothy Holley 
A Whole Quart Jar (2005)
The Garden Journals (2006)
Late Day Thoughts (2008)

Genre: Poetry
Website: http://www.foothillspublishing.com/2008/id49.htm
Written: All of my books were written since I retired from the business world.
Authors Note: A fourth book ("Dream Quartet") is currently at the publisher
OLLI Affiliation: OSHER at Carnegie Mellon University (Member)

Roy K. Johnston -
From Fractals, Forward (2013)
Lulu Publishing
The Wandering Circle (2011) Lulu Publishing
Dissonance & Consonance (2009) Finishing Line Press
Kenosis, San Luis Obispo (2007) New Artist Press
Seeds of Tolerance (2006) New Artist Press
The System Is Broken (2004) New Artist Press
Available for Purchase from : Amazon.com
Genre: Poetry
Website: roykjohnston.com
Written: After I retired from careers in music performance, professor of music, and two deanships
Author's note: I have read my poetry in India, Jamaica, Portugal, and China; on the U.S.east and west coasts, and at OLLI in Portland and Eugene, OR, my hometown.
OLLI Affiliation: University of Oregon, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Member and Presenter)

Willie Pleasants –
Make Truth A Habit

Published: 2009
Published by: Authorhouse
Available for purchase from: Authorhouse and Amazon
Genre: Short stories and Poetry
Website: www.williepleasants.com
Web links: awb6.cpm, YouTube
Written: After retirement
Authors Note: I use the short stories from my books to educate and encourage reading. I read my poetry to inspire and entertain people of all ages.
Olli Affiliation: I'm a facilitator at Olli/Umass,Boston. I teach storytelling at tea. I promote open dialoging.

Judith R. Robinson and Michael Wurster -
Along These Rivers: poetry and photography from Pittsburgh

Published in 2008 by Quadrant Publishing
Available for Purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and alongtheserivers@gmail.com
Genre: Poetry and Photography
Website: http://www.alongtheserivers.com/
Authors Note:
OLLI Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon Osher Institute (Member & Instructor)

Judith R. Robinson -
Dinner Date

Published in 2009 by Finishing Line Press
Available for Purchase from Amazon
Genre: Poetry
Website: http://finishinglinepress.com/NewReleasesandForthcomingTitles.htm
Authors Note: I am a self employed poet, editor, and fiction-writer, old enough, but not actually "retired."
OLLI Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon Osher Institute (Member & Instructor)

Carl G. Schott -
Not Here, Not Now

Published: 2011by Xlibris
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris.com
Not Like Chocolate
Published 2010 by Xlibris
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris.com
Genre: Poetry and Essays
Author's Web Links: e-carl.com
Written: After retirement
Author's note I lecture on historical topics as well as the craft of writing poetry
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI-USF at Tampa, Florida (Instructor)

Eileen Sperl-Hawkins -
Published in 2012
Publisher: self-published
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Written: When I was Poet-in-Residence at the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center
Author's Note: I published after my open-heart surgery. ANOTHER DOOR is for all who have been touched by cancer or any other unplanned event in life.


Published: 2009
Publisher: SokheChapke Publishing, Inc.
Available for Purchase from: SokheChapke Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Poetry
Author's Web Links: FloridaStatePoetryAssociation.com
Written: After age of 50 as product for OLLI Writers Group
Author's note: Poetry is my language to describe my surroundings
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Florida State University (Member and Chair of the Writers Group since September 2005)

Mary K. Stillwell -
Fallen Angels

Published: 2013
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Available for Purchase from: Finishing Line Press and Amazon
Genre: Poetry
Website: finishinglinepress.com
Assembled after taking retirement.
OLLI Affiliation: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Osher Institute (Member & Instructor)

John Vanek MD -
Heart Murmurs: Poems

Published: 2009
Publisher: Bird Dog Publishing ( http://smithdocs.net/BirdDogy/BirdDogPage.html )
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Poetry
Website: Bird Dog Publishing
Written: Because poetry is a way of understanding the incomprehensible, both in medicine and in life. My patients, family, and friends are the hearts that murmur in my poems.
Authors Note: I’ve been invited to read my work at the George Bush Presidential Library, the Akron Art Museum, Eckerd College, and the Cleveland Clinic. My poetry has been showcased on public radio.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Eckerd College (Member & Facilitator of an OLLI poetry workshop for eight years).

Patrice Vecchione -
Faith and Doubt: an Anthology of Poems

Published: 2007
Publisher: Henry Holt
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Poetry collections -- Belief and doubt
Whisper and Shout: Poems to Memorize
Published: 2002
Publisher: Cricket Books
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Children's poetry, American -- american poetry-- collections
Author's Website http://www.patricevecchione.com/
Author's Blog: http://patricevecchione.blogspot.com/
Written: Before retirement. Not yet retired.
Authors Note: 'I teach collage workshops and poetry & writing classes to experienced and emerging writers '
OLLI Affiliation: California State University Monterey Bay, Osher Institute(Instructor)