OLLI Authors: History

Tamim Ansary -
Games Without Rules, The Often Interrupted History of Afghanistan.

Published: 2013
Publisher: Public Affairs
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: History
Website: mirtamimansary.com
Description: A narrative history of modern Afghanistan for the general public. textbook for the methods and practices of the Digital Storytelling movement
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI Berkeley – Instructor

Jennifer Cain Bohrnstedt (3 Titles)
Snapshots of a Century in African American Lives

Published: 2010
Genre: Visual History – Photography – African American Studies
Available for purchase from Amazon.comAuthorHouse.comBN.com
Website: SnapshotsOfACentury.com Blog: snapshotsofacentury & YouTube interview
Authors Note: “I teach American Civil War-related courses and I also look forward to teaching on the importance of the preservation of visual history through amateur snapshot collections. This book is the first in a planned series.”
Views From My Schoolroom Window
Published: 2010
Genre: Women’s History – History of Education – U.S. Civil War
Available for purchase from Amazon.comAuthorHouse.comBN.com
Website: ViewsFromMySchoolroomWindow.com
Authors Note: “I speak on the subject of early roots of American public education as seen through the true story of a 15-year old girl who became a teacher in Wisconsin in the 1850’s.”

While Father Is Away: The Civil War Letters of William H. Bradbury
Published: 2003
Genre: U.S. Civil War – U.S. History – Narrative History
Available for purchase from Amazon.comBN.comUniv. Press of Kentucky
Website: Civil WarSoldiers.com
Authors Note: “I speak and teach on the true lives of U.S. Civil War soldiers whose preserved letters, diaries, and other writings reveal diverse aspects of the war years at home as well as during battle.”
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Cal. State Univ. San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus (Instructor)

Arthur T. Downey -
Civil War Lawyers: Constitutional Questions, Courtroom Dramas and the Men Behind Them

Published: 2011
Publisher: American Bar Association
Genre: Political & Legal History
Available for Purchase from American Bar Association, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Authors Note: I "road-tested" the material for the book in two OLLI classes. The questions and insights from the "students" proved to be invaluable to me and resulted in allowing me to put together an improved book.
OLLI Affiliation: Delivered lectures at OLLI at the American University and OLLI at Johns Hopkins University

Ivan C Frank -
Israel The Dream: What Then, What Now

Published: 2008 (Self Published). 
Available for purchase from Amazon and Olli at Carnegie Mellon University
Genre: Israeli History 
Written: All of my books were written since I retired from the business world.
Authors Note: Additional books written before retirement: Children in Chaos (1992). Building Self-Esteem in At-Risk Youth (1996) . The Cycle of Learning by the Kibbutz Studies Project of Harvard University ( 1983) .
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Carnegie Mellon University (Member)

Fausto Gardini -
Luxembourg On My Mind
Published: 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Available for Purchase: Amazon
Website: Luxembourg On My Mind
Written: 1995-2011 (Compilation)
Author's Note: Researcher of immigration movement from Luxembourg to the USA

Storms Over Luxembourg

Published: 2009. 
Available for purchase as an e-book from luxembourgensia.com 
(Available as PDF File transfer or on flash drive)
Genre: History – World War I
Website: luxembourgensia.com Blog: knol.google.com/k/fausto-gardini
Authors Note: e-book recounts the invasion of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by the forces of the German Empire on August 1, 1914
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI Instructor/member University of North Florida (UNF) Jacksonville, Florida

Robert W. Kirk - 
History Of The South Pacific Since 1513

Published 2011 by Outskirts Press
Available for purchase from: Amazon , Barnes and Noble
Genre: History
Web link: Outskirts Press
Written: after retirement
Author's note: Taught 'The South Pacific since Magellan' for OLLI
OLLI Affiliation: CSU Sonoma (Member & Instructor)

Jonas Klein
- Beloved Island: Franklin & Eleanor and the Legacy of Campobello

Published: 2002
Publisher: North Bay Books (Original Publisher Paul S. Eriksson, 2002)
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Genre: History, Biography
Web Links: Books By People I Know! http://www.booksbypeopleiknow.com/jonas.html
Authors Note: Beloved Island was featured by the USM Bookstore when Draper Hunt included it in his syllabus for an OLLI course he taught in 2011. In addition to Elderhostel lectures, I've made presentations and book talks on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, been interviewed on Maine radio and have been reviewed in national and Maine print media.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at USM

Patrick Lavin -
The Shaping of the Celtic World

Published: 2011
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, et al.
Genre: Ancient European History
Website: patricklavin.com
Written: After taking retirement.
Authors Note: Eight books and numerous magazine articles since taking retirement in 1990.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of Arizona

Myron M. Miller -
The Soul of a Soldier: the True Story of a Mounted Pioneer in the Civil War

Published: 2011
Published by: Xlibris
Available for purchase: Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers
Genre: Civil War, History
Written: In 2011, after retirement which was in 1998
Author's note: Book based on the 46 letters my great grandfather wrote to his wife in Pennsylvania 1864-1865. This book coincides with the 150th commemorations of the Civil War, and will also be of interest because it focuses on what happens to a person's soul as the result of being directly involved in war.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Duke University

David Nicholas (2 Titles)
Urban Europe, 1100-1700

Published in 2003 by New York: Palgrave MacMillan 
Available for Purchase from Amazon and Macmillan
Genre: Poetry and Photography

The Northern Lands: Germanic Europe, c. 1270-c. 1500 
Published in 2009 by Wiley-Blackwell
Available for purchase from Amazon and Wiley 
Authors Note: Urban Europe could also be classified as Urban Studies, History--Medieval, and History--Early Modern. The Northern Lands could also be classified as History--Medieval.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Clemson University. (Member & Instructor)

Carl G. Schott - 
Mission to Saint Petersburg

Published: 2011
Publisher: Xlibris
Available for Purchase from: AmazonBarnes&NobleXlibris
Genre: Nonfiction--History/Biography
Author's Web Links: e-carl.com
Written: After retirement
Author's note I lecture on historical topics as well as the craft of writing poetry
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI-USF at Tampa, Florida (Instructor)

Martin H. Quitt
- Stephen A. Douglas and Antebellum Democracy

Published: 2012
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs - United States History
Affiliation: OLLI at UMass Boston (Facilitator)

Eugenia Poporad Vanek (Compiler and Editor)
- Bonnets to Boardrooms: Women's Stories from a Historic College Town

Published: 2014
Publisher: Oberlin Heritage Center
Available for Purchase from: Oberlin Heritage Center's Museum Store, Soon to be on Amazon
Genre: History
Website: The store at www.oberlinheritagecenter.org
Written: After retirement
Authors Note: This book was written and designed by a dedicated group of volunteers and all proceeds go to benefit the programs of the not-for-profit Oberlin Heritage Center.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Eckerd College (Member & Special Interest Group Leader)