OLLI Authors: Children's Books

Joanne Anderson Reisberg - (3 Titles)
Save the Colors: A Civil War Battle Cry

Published: 2001 by White Mane Kids
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Children’s – Juvenile Historical fiction
Author’s note: My great-grandfather served with the 4th MN Regiment in the Civil War
Zachary Zormer Shape Transformer

Published: 2006 by Charlesbridge
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Juvenile Lit – math adventure - shapes - Moebius strip-perimeters
Author’s note: This book is also available in the Korean language, published in 2009 by Gimm-Young Publishers, Inc. and available for purchase from Seoul Korea
Webster’s Coming Home Today

Published: 2007 by Operation Outreach-USA Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Children’s - Juvenile literature
Author's Website: www.joannereisberg.com
Written: All titles listed above were written after taking retirement
Author’s note: A former teacher I give presentations in classrooms
OLLI Affiliation: University of Minnesota (Member)

Michael L. Harvey -
The Adventures of Theologis

Published: 2012
Publisher Michael L. Harvey with CreateSpace
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Children’s Book
Website: www.createspace.com/4099505
Blog: None as yet
Written: after taking retirement
Authors note: I teach Preserving Legacy with Photos in a DVD format – You Wrote It, Now Publish it –Both OLLI@UND classes
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of North Dakota – Grand Forks, Member and Instructor

Joann Rose Leonard
- All The World's A Stage volume I, II, III

Published: 2012
Publisher: Samuel French
Available for Purchase from: www.samuelfrench.com
Genre: Plays
Website: joannroseleonard.com
Blog: joannroseleonard.com/blog
Written: Before retirement.
Authors Note: As founder and director of the Youth Theatre Outreach Program at Penn State University, I developed multicultural plays based on myths, legends and folktales from around the world for third through twelfth grades.
OLLI Affiliation: Osher Institute at UCSC, formerly with OLLI at Penn State

Doris Rueger - (4 Titles)
The Enchanted Garden
Published: 2013
Available for purchase from: Amazon
Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame

Published: 2012 by CREATESPACE
Website Book Reviews:San Francisco Book Review, Just a Thought, connywithay,
Morris the Village Voice
Published: 2012 by CREATESPACE
Website Book Reviews:Between the Lines, A Simply Enchanted Life, Another Step to Take
Adventures of the Little Red Fox
Published: 2011 by Balboa Press/A Division of Hay House
All books available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Written: In retirement after a 30 year career in the scientific community.
Authors Note: Winner of the Summer 2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for “Ella the Pink Elephant”
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Stony Brook University

Roger Wheeler -
The Adventures of Jimmy BlueSquirrel

Published: 2011
Publisher: RSE Publishing
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Genre: Children's Fiction
Written: After taking retirement.
Note about the author: The Jimmy Bluesquirrel book was intended for the amusement of his six grandchildren, but he also had another motive. "It was a bit of a challenge," he says, "to see if I could describe fantastic Appalachian landscapes, intricate physical motions, and animals expressing human emotions as well as I could draft the technical legal briefs and action-invoking business memos which I had just spent a career doing."
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Furman University