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Taking Charge of Your Career

This career management course is designed to give participants knowledge and strategies needed to effectively manage their careers in a meaningful and productive manner, as well as deal with barriers that can prevent them from achieving this goal. In this highly dynamic world of work, employees need tools to manage their careers so that they can engage in work that really matters to themselves and to the organization, and effectively demonstrate the contributions they are making.

Participants will accomplish this by learning how to be their own coach.

Supervisors and trainers can use the knowledge and skills gained in this course to manage their own careers, and assist others in learning the process.

Topics and activities include: thinking about what it means to manage your career, differences in how self-employed people approach work versus employees, identifying work that really matters - work that directly contributes to personal and organizational goals, identifying key internal and external customers and their needs, identifying personal satisfiers, eliminating busy work and managing accomplishments, codifying and communicating accomplishments, managing the performance management process and managing challenges, such as excessive workload and employee/boss conflict, communicating needs and strategies for change.

Participants will create a plan, identify and codify strategies, and explore committing their plan.

  • Implement a process to increase meaningful work and decrease busywork
  • Implement a process to track and communicate significant accomplishments
  • Identify challenges, such as excessive workload and conflict, and implement strategies to handle them
  • Create a plan to successfully manage your career

Leigh Mundhenk, PhD., has eighteen years' experience in career and organizational development as a consultant, career coach, trainer and professor. She earned her BS from Duke, MS in Organizational Dynamics from Penn, and Ph.D. in Psycho-Educational Processes from Temple University. Her primary interest -- understanding how individuals and organizations foster self-reliant behavior in times of transition -- informs her scholarship and work. Mundhenk's main focus is in career development. She coordinates and teaches the career development course series and runs the Internship program at University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College. Prior to her teaching career at the University of Southern Maine, she worked in private practice as a career coach and organizational development consultant.

Friday, April 11, 12-4 p.m.

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$150 (4 contact hours/ 0.4 CEUs)
Abromson Center, 88 Bedford Street, USM Portland campus